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Interpreter Double IPA

Today is a great day! We just tapped our “Interpreter” Double IPA at the Culmination Brewing taproom! 8.2% abv and packed to the brim with Mosaic, Citra, and Topaz hops! Stay posted for a list of places you can find this beer around PDX.

New Brett Culture

What in the world is this?! Glad you asked. Ruse is working with some friends at Imperial Organic Yeast to do some trial runs/ test batches on a new #brettanomyces culture we like to call “Stargazer.” Excited to experience the #funky results. Thank you @imperialyeast.

Tiny Deceit Dark Farmhouse Ale

We started to brew a new beer today! Meet “Tiny Deceit,” a dark farmhouse ale primary fermented in stainless that will be transferred to pinot noir barrels for conditioning with our house brettanomyces culture. Look forward to drinking this in late winter!

Architect Bottle Release at Belmont Station

Architect Bottle Release at Belmont Station This Friday September 16th from 5-7 PM Belmont Station is having a special Ruse Brewing event. At this event you will be able purchase bottles of Architect our rustic saison style ale for the first time ever. Belmont Station will be pouring Ruse’s Translator IPA and our Farmhouse in

Red Wedding Culmination Collab

We are excited to release this (in bottles and draft) tomorrow around Portland to a limited amount of bottleshops. This is a barrel-aged red saison called “Red Wedding” we did in collaboration with our host brewery Culmination. It will also be released and on draft in Culmination’s taproom beginning this Wednesday 9/7. This is a

Barrel Aged Saison – Upright Brewing Collab

Today we are making a barrel aged saison with nectarines we got from Baird Family Orchards. In about six months this saison will be used in a collaboration that we are going to be doing with Upright Brewing. Look for more news on this beer in about 6 months.

Multibeast Bottle Release!

This Thursday evening August 4th from 5 PM – 9 PM Imperial Bottle Shop & Taproom is hosting a Bottle Release for MultiBeast our Burgundy Barrel-aged Brett Farmhouse Ale. Here is an excellent The New School: Dedicated to craft beer article about both MultiBeast and this upcoming event — Here is a link with

Patchwork Strawberry Basil Tart

Our “Patchwork” strawberry basil tart came in second place at the 2016 Portland Fruit Beer Festival! We came in second to our friends at Culmination Brewing Company’s wonderful Sun Rey Radler. Many thanks to everyone who voted for Patchwork!

WW: All 73 Portland-Made IPAs, Ranked

We are so pumped to have our very own Translator IPA ranked #12 out of the top 73 Portland-Made IPA’s! Thank You Willamette Week for the coverage! Check out the full article below: CLICK HERE Ruse Brewing Excerpt: “12. Ruse (Ruse) Neighborhood: Kerns ABV: 6.6 percent Ruse’s Shaun Kalis works at Culmination, where he helps

New Writeup: Oregon Beer Growler

Thanks so much to Kris McDowell for the writeup “A RUSE TO FALL FOR: PORTLAND BREWERY ARISES WITHIN ANOTHER BREWERY” Featured in Oregon Beer Growler!! You can check out the article below: CLICK HERE