WW: All 73 Portland-Made IPAs, Ranked

WW: All 73 Portland-Made IPAs, Ranked

We are so pumped to have our very own Translator IPA ranked #12 out of the top 73 Portland-Made IPA’s! Thank You Willamette Week for the coverage! Check out the full article below:


Ruse Brewing Excerpt:

“12. Ruse (Ruse)
Neighborhood: Kerns
ABV: 6.6 percent

Ruse’s Shaun Kalis works at Culmination, where he helps brew the fourth-best IPA in our tasting, Phaedrus. With his own label, Ruse, he uses a lot of the same techniques. But it’s a different beer from the super-tropical Phaedrus, a more classic IPA with a different set of hops—dry-hopping Citra and Centennial while throwing Mandarina Bavaria and Chinook into the boil and whirlpool.

Comments: “Rich and full.” “Notes of candied fruit.” “Orange peel.” “Only negative is slightly tart.”

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