Day: February 25, 2016

WW: All 73 Portland-Made IPAs, Ranked

We are so pumped to have our very own Translator IPA ranked #12 out of the top 73 Portland-Made IPA’s! Thank You Willamette Week for the coverage! Check out the full article below: CLICK HERE Ruse Brewing Excerpt: “12. Ruse (Ruse) Neighborhood: Kerns ABV: 6.6 percent Ruse’s Shaun Kalis works at Culmination, where he helps

New Writeup: Oregon Beer Growler

Thanks so much to Kris McDowell for the writeup “A RUSE TO FALL FOR: PORTLAND BREWERY ARISES WITHIN ANOTHER BREWERY” Featured in Oregon Beer Growler!! You can check out the article below: CLICK HERE